John Perkins, Tony Evans, Russell Moore See Recent Racial Unrest as a Perfect Moment for the Church

racial divide

Hundreds recently took to the streets of Cleveland to protest a judge’s decision to clear a white police officer in the deadly shooting of a black couple. But that is just the latest in a string of tense demonstrations that have unfolded in American cities within the last year.

Massive protests followed the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, Eric Garner in New York, and Freddie Gray in Baltimore. All three were unarmed black men who died at the hands police officers.

That unrest has now sparked a movement inside one of the world’s largest church groups. The Southern Baptist Convention is pushing to heal America’s growing racial divide.

Perfect Moment for the Church

Minister and long-time civil rights activist John Perkins sees a picture-perfect moment for the Church.

“I think we are feeling we can’t go on like this,” he told CBN News. “I think there is too much fresh light and these young people are ready to develop, both black and white, these multi-cultural churches.”

At 85 years old, Perkins has fought to desegregate schools and lunch counters. He’s also written books, such as Let Justice Roll Down, to help Christians respond to racism.

Perkins has also started The John & Vera Mae Perkins Foundation.

Moore spoke with CBN News at the denomination’s Racial Reconciliation Leadership Conference.

“Right now, often what happens is we have African-Americans saying we have a problem here and white people saying we don’t see a problem,” he said.

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Efrem Graham