Actress Wendy Raquel Robinson Opens Up About Her Faith

Wendy Raquel Robinson
Wendy Raquel Robinson

She plays feisty sports agent Tasha Mack on BET’s “The Game,” but in real life, Wendy Raquel Robinson, 47, is a humble woman of faith.

In an interview with Christian Post, the actress shares how her confidence in God grew even stronger through tragedy.

Over a decade ago, Robinson and her husband lost everything in a devastating electrical fire.

“My first year of marriage my house caught fire in 2004. I had always been walking with God, but when I saw the awesomeness and the power of God that’s when I was like, ‘OK,'” Robinson tells Christian Post.

The couple’s home and their vehicle on the property exploded, but, by the grace of God, neither was at the residence.

“My husband and I, we had just left like 20 minutes before, and the fire department said, ‘Thank God you weren’t there because it got so hot so fast.’ I had no idea of the magnitude of the circumstance around it.”

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine