WATCH: Billy Sunday’s 1929 Warning for America

Billy Sunday

“Civilization and society rest on morals. Morals rest on religion. Religion rests on the Bible and faith in God and Jesus Christ.” Those were the words of Billy Sunday, who was a famous professional baseball player in the 1880s before he accepted God’s call as an evangelist.

Sunday was just as influential in the church world as he was in the sports world, and we would do well to remember his words today. Indeed, morals rest on religion and religion rests on Bible and faith in God and Jesus Christ. But civilization and society at large are rejecting morals, religion and Christ.

Sunday saw an epidemic of immorality back in 1929 that lit a fire under him and anyone who would listen to his theatrical preaching. In a YouTube video called “Billy Sunday Burns Up the Backsliding World: Whirlwind evangelist swings into action at Boston,” Sunday had a warning for America.

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SOURCE: Charisma News
Jennifer LeClaire