Josh McDowell Calls Internet Pornography More Dangerous to Christians Than Homosexual Marriage

Josh McDowell

Christian author Josh McDowell says internet pornography is undermining the church more than gay marriage.

McDowell says laws that declare traditional beliefs bigoted may actually help Christian families “stand out more” and present a positive example to their neighbors, but addiction to pornography is destroying pastors, church members and their marriages.

His latest book is titled “God-Breathed: The Undeniable Power and Reliability of Scripture.” In it, McDowell sets out to prove that the Bible is God’s truth, and that applying it to life and relationships can give people “victory, even in the area of pornography.”

McDowell, who’s now 75, says he’s confident that his mission of declaring the truth of Christianity is in good hands. He says young men and women are “coming to the forefront in apologetics more than probably ever before in the history of the church.”

SOURCE: The Associated Press