EU Officially Files Antitrust Charges Against Google


EU enforcer Margrethe Vestager has made it her mission over the course of the last several months to take down Google. While she called the company “highly successful,” that was the closest thing to a compliment that she gave the search giant. The EU officially filed antitrust charges against Google for manipulating search within the EU zone, which has meant other search engines, like Bing, or more local search options – would fail in comparison.

The notion is that Google has been exploiting search terms and search results – to ensure that their own results, or partnered results benefited from the manipulation. Ultimately, the EU feels as though it restricts competition. Right now Google has 10 weeks remaining to respond to the charges in writing. At that point they will face them, or they will be modified or dropped altogether.

Right now it would appear as though the charges going away are unlikely, and with Margrethe Vestager leading the way – it’s not entirely likely that Google will have an easy time defending this one. Many outside the EU have suggested that there are less honorable reasons for the charges. Specifically, this has been looked at as a possible ploy for EU members to essentially push out competition in favor of their own local entities.

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SOURCE: Inferse, Lynn Schindler