Vice President of Sierra Leone Seeking Political Asylum at U.S. Embassy

PHOTO CREDIT: AP Photo/ Michael Duff
PHOTO CREDIT: AP Photo/ Michael Duff

Samuel Sam-Sumana, vice president of Sierra Leone, is seeking political asylum at the country’s U.S. embassy after soldiers surrounded his home on Saturday, BBC News reports.

Sam-Sumana and his wife fled their residence and are reportedly awaiting word from the U.S. ambassador to Sierra Leone. Police officials confirmed that they were sent to Sam-Sumana’s residence on Saturday, but they would not say on whose orders they acted.

Sierra Leone’s ruling party expelled the vice president one week ago, accusing him of lying about his faith, fomenting violence, and falsifying academic credentials, allegations Sam-Sumana has denied. Two weeks ago, the vice president announced he would enter a voluntary quarantine after his bodyguard died of Ebola, in order to “lead by example.”