Akamai says Internet Connection Speeds Have Increased by Up to 20% Over Past Year

Internet Speed

Broadband speeds around the world increased by 20 per cent, year on year, according to internet tentacle monster Akamai.

The website-caching giant claims in its latest State of the Internet report that, during the past three months to now, connections to ISPs peaked at 26.9Mbps, on average, dropping to 4.5Mbps the rest of the time – the latter figure up by a fifth compared to the same quarter a year ago.

Over the past 12 months, 132 countries saw their average connection speeds increase. All but four countries (Sudan, Botswana, Yemen and Libya) boasted average speeds above 1Mbps.

Once again, South Korea boasts the fastest connections in the world, with an average speed of 22.2Mbps. Hong Kong was second (16.8Mbps), followed by Japan (15.2Mbps), Sweden (14.6Mbps) and Switzerland (14.5Mbps). All according to Akamai’s figures.

Though Good Korea can boast the highest average speeds, Hong Kong is tops when it comes to peak connection speeds, topping out at 87.7Mbps on average. Singapore was second with 84Mbps, followed by South Korea at 75.4Mbps.

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SOURCE: Shaun Nichols
The Register