Members of St. John’s Missionary Baptist Church in Bakersfield, California Upset After Receiving Letters Banning Them from Attending Church Services, Participating in Church Activities


A civil case from 2013 against Pastor Antonio Alfred ruled in favor of church members wanting to vote him out, an email from St. John’s Missionary Baptist Church said.

In the meantime, Pastor Alfred sent letters out to certain members, banning them from attending, citing “offensive behavior.”

One letter reads, “You can no longer hold office, vote, attend business meetings, participate in Communion and acquire our facilities at no charge.”

Larcenia Taylor, former Chairperson of the Social Action Committee and member of the church for over 20 years received one of these letters.

“What he’s doing is not right, he ‘s not treating the elders right, he’s taking positions away from people,” Taylor said.

Mahlia Smith, former Usher and Sunday School Teacher and the second generation of five that attend St. John’s, also received a letter.

“It’s because we disagreed, simply because we disagreed,” Smith said.

Both women resigned from their positions and say they have no ill will against the pastor. They said they want to bring love and unity back to the church.

The women say at least a half dozen others received letters from the first round that went out and just got the second round of letters last Thursday.

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Source: Turn to 23 News  | Cassie Carlisle