Larry King Thinks Religion Only Exists Because People Fear Death, Says ‘I’m Probably an Atheist’

(PHOTO: REUTERS) Veteran broadcaster, Larry King.
Veteran broadcaster, Larry King.

Veteran radio and television broadcaster Larry King says he thinks the only reason religion exists is because people fear death and declared “I’m probably an atheist.”

King made the revelation last Thursday on the popular Power 105.1 morning radio show in New York City called “The Breakfast Club” hosted by DJ Envy, Angela Yee and Charlamagne Tha God.

In a portion of the interview beginning at about the 8-minute 15-second mark, King and the hosts engage in a discussion about life and death after Charlamagne Tha God questioned the 81-year-old, who’s been married seven times, about his desire to freeze his body after he dies.

“I just taped Dr. Oz yesterday (last Wednesday) and he showed me what happens when they do that and it makes a lot of sense to me,” King said about having his body frozen.

“I don’t believe that I’m going anywhere. I’m not religious, so I believe when you die you die and that’s it. So I’m so curious, and I like living and so I want one little chance. If I’m frozen and then they find a cure for whatever I died of and they could cure me, is that better than laying in the ground or being burnt while you’re dead? Those two ways you can’t get out, but I figure if I can be frozen and then something happens …” he continued.

“My wife says, ‘Yeah, but what if you wake up 200 years later you don’t know anybody?’ I said, ‘I’ll make new friends,'” he added with a chuckle. “It’s the one way grab at eternity to live. I don’t want to not exist.”

He then noted that he thinks it’s the fear of death that makes people religious.

“I think it’s the biggest fear people have. They might say they don’t. ‘I know I’m going somewhere (he says of those who believe in an afterlife). You don’t,” he said bluntly.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Leonardo Blair