Protesters Hold #BlackLivesMatter Rallies on New Years Eve to Highlight Police Brutality


Loosely organized under the Twitter hashtag #BlackLivesMatter and other social media campaigns, protests of police killings of African-Americans were underway in major U.S. cities on New Year’s Eve.

Police said at least 24 people were charged with various counts related to public order in St. Louis, where about 75 demonstrators affiliated with the activist group Ferguson Action gathered at police headquarters early Wednesday to protest the police killing of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, in Ferguson on Aug. 9.

Protesters, who moved to other parts of the city Wednesday night, told NBC station KSDK of St. Louis that they were also remembering other unarmed African-Americans whom police killed in 2014, including Eric Garner, 43, who died after being placed in a police chokehold in New York in July.

About 100 people carrying banners gathered at San Francisco’s Embarcadero transit station about 9 p.m. (midnight ET Thursday) and began a march that was planned to keep going into Thursday morning. NBC Bay Area video showed numerous uniformed police officers flanking the marchers as they made their way along the streets, staying mostly to the sidewalks.

About 100 protesters also headed toward New York’s Times Square but were blocked from entering because the scene had been jampacked with New Year’s revelers for hours, the FBI said in a statement shortly after midnight.

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Source: NBC News | M. ALEX JOHNSON