Kirk Cameron’s ‘Saving Christmas’ Scores Lowest IMDB Rating Ever


Kirk Cameron’s movie “Saving Christmas,” billed as an attempt to bring Christ back to the holiday, has been panned by reviewers, earning a 0-percent rating from Rotten Tomatoes, and now it’s achieved a new low: The lowest rating out of all the movies scored on

The movie earned a 1.3 score on the entertainment website, a weighted average of the ratings given by more than 2,200 moviegoers, the site said. According to The Wrap, that gives the movie the lowest ranking of any movie, ever, on IMDB.

Peter Sobczynski on said he was “baffled” by the movie, which from previews he assumed would take the approach of someone trying to find the real meaning of Christmas amongst shopping and ostentatious holiday displays. Instead, Cameron spends the movie trying to find the meaning in the ostentation.

“Doing nothing but preaching to the converted — literally and badly to boot — ‘Saving Christmas’ is a terrible movie regardless of one’s eschatological mindset,” Sobczynski wrote. “And while it may not be the worst Christmas-related movie ever (a title I believe is still held by the vile ‘Christmas with the Kranks’), it certainly does the genre no favors.”

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SOURCE: Newsmax – Morgan Chilson