Homosexual Men May Soon Be Allowed to Donate Blood

Homosexual Men May Soon Be Allowed to Donate Blood

Gay men may be allowed to donate blood very soon. A policy, which was put into place during the AIDS crisis in 1983, might be revised.

As of right now, the FDA site still reads, “[donation was limited] when the risk of [contracting] AIDS from transfusion was first recognized. A history of male-to-male sex is associated with an increased risk for exposure to and transmission of certain infectious diseases, including HIV.”

That said, the FDA’s Blood-Products Advisory Committee might ease up on the harsh ruling. With the strides the LGBT community has made, including the increase of proper treatment of AIDS patients of all kinds, it’s about time this FDA approved rule is put to bed. It doesn’t need to be said, but even decades ago when AIDS was widespread, it had nothing to do with sexual orientation.

However, it’s not that easy. The FDA is not ready to completely remove this rule, but instead it plans to ease up.

According to Yahoo News, the idea came in November when “the Department of Health and Human Service’s (HHS) Advisory Committee on Blood Safety and Availability recommended easing–but not lifting–the ban. It suggested a one-year deferral policy instead, under which gay men would be permitted to donate after a year of abstinence. The FDA will consider this recommendation, as well as scientific evidence on HIV blood safety, during its meeting.”

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Source: Inquisitr