Furniture Store Stands Its Ground On Christian-themed Christmas Window Display

Some customers complained about the painted nativity sign and caption on the store's window. (Photo: NEWS CENTER)
Some customers complained about the painted nativity sign and caption on the store’s window.

A Maine furniture store has been receiving some negative feedback after decorating one of its windows with a religious Christmas theme.

Discount Mattress and Furniture at the Airport Mall painted its windows with a nativity scene and the caption, “Jesus is the reason for the season.” While it seemed like a normal Christmas display to some customers, others did not like the display of faith.

“(Customers have been) asking us to take them down. Saying we were mixing our business with religion. Saying it was offensive…saying they wouldn’t shop here, nor would their friends shop here,” said store owner Kathy Harvey.

Harvey said they eventually went on their store’s Facebook page and said the store was going to stand firm on the window displays.

“To those that asked us to take the scene down…we are sorry that you don’t believe as we do, but the windows are staying as displayed until Jan. 1. If our sales decline due to our window scenes then we will shut our doors and still give the glory to the Lord,” said the Facebook status.

Harvey said she does believe Jesus is the reason for the season. Christmas is a religious holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. She said the store is simply asking for people to be tolerant of one another and their faiths.

“We think everyone should be tolerant of everyone’s beliefs,” said Harvey.

Their Facebook page has been flooded with opinions about the matter. Some have said they support the store’s right to free speech at a private business, despite the beliefs behind it.

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SOURCE: WLBZ – Katharine Bavoso