Delaware Family of 12 Saved from House Fire by ‘Christmas Angel’ Neighbor

Delaware Family of 12 Saved from House Fire by 'Christmas Angel' Neighbor
Good Samaritan Patricia Gustaitis walks around her neighbor’s fire-damaged home where she alerted a family of 12 Dec. 13, 2014, that their house was on fire.
(Photo: Suchat Pederson, The (Wilmington, Del.) News Journal)

Patti Gustaitis had just finished baking Christmas cookies and was mulling whether to make fudge when she decided to call it a night.

It was, after all, nearly 2 a.m.

First she needed a cigarette. Lighting up a Marlboro outside her door, Gustaitis was surprised to see a thick stream of gray smoke illuminated in her streetlight.

Following the trail, she walked across her block and was shocked to see the orange glow of flames shooting from a roof about 150 yards away — the home of the extended Lopez family. She knew several young children lived there.

She jumped into her minivan, raced up the street and honked her horn, screaming, “Your house is on fire! Your house is on fire!” She called 911.

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Source: USA Today | Cris Barrish, The (Wilmington, Del.) News Journal