30-Year-Old Missionary, Dominic Russo, Thinks Big When It Comes to Evangelism In Order to Change Whole Countries for God

(Photo: Dominic Russo) Dominic Russo, founder of Missions.Me.
(Photo: Dominic Russo) Dominic Russo, founder of Missions.Me.

A 30-year-old missionary thinks big when he does evangelism – so big that it can sometimes require 2,000 missionaries and tens of thousands of people hearing the Gospel at a time.

Dominic Russo of Missions.Me made history last year in Central America when he took 2,000 missionaries to Honduras for a week to preach the Gospel, provide medical aid and create sustainable change in every state of the country.

“July 20, 2013 was the first day of the new Honduras. The entire time, our goal wasn’t to move people to a moment where they pray a prayer but it was to make that moment the foundation and beginning of a new country,” Russo told The Christian Post.

He highlighed that after that 1Nation1Day event in Honduras, the entire nation’s deaths caused by acts of violence has decreased by 38 percent, the largest drug cartel left the country and the city of San Pedro Sula, previously known as murder capital of the world, has seen murders decrease by over 70 percent.

While in Honduras, he also tried to create permanent changes by implementing an educational, values-based curriculum intended to last six months. However, the Honduran minister of education has now made it a mandate for the program to become a permanent fixture in the country’s education system.

“We have an unrelenting passion to bring the kingdom of God and transformation to the nations. That passion fuels everything we do, it keeps us up at night and what wakes us up in the morning, we can’t ever shake it. We live with this burning sense of the call of God over our lives and that drives us to ultimately ask, ‘what can we do that’s never been done before?,” Russo shared.

“We don’t do anything outside of relationships. We seek deep and profound relationships with local churches and leaders across the nation and our goal is to serve their global vision.”

Russo may be young to have started such a large-scale ministry, but he has known for a long time that he was going to be a missionary. He shared that he felt God’s calling at the age of 12 when a guest speaker visiting his father’s church in Rochester, Michigan, prayed over him and declared his missions ministry.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Jessica Martinez