H. B. Charles Jr. Releases New Book, “The Difference Jesus Makes: Trusting Him in Every Situation”


I am pleased to announce the publication of my new book, The Difference Jesus Makes: Trusting Him in Every Situation (Moody Publishers).

I am excited about this book for several reasons.

First of all, this book simply retells and explains Bible stories. I believe we need more good books on Christian doctrine. But the Bible most often teaches truth through stories, not systems.

Our generation suffers from biblical illiteracy. And I believe a reintroduction to the stories of the Bible is a big step toward revival.

Furthermore, the stories in The Difference Jesus Makes are about the Lord Jesus Christ. What better subject is there to write or read about?

The stories are recorded in the Gospel of Mark, with a focus on the miracles Jesus performs in Mark 4-5. Jesus calms a storm at sea that no one could navigate. Jesus delivers a demon-possessed man who no one could tame. Jesus heals a chronically sick woman who no one could heal. And Jesus raises a dead little girl who no one could save.

These miracles are signs that point to the true identity of Jesus. Jesus is more than a rabbi, prophet, or even a wonder-worker, for that matter. He is God in the flesh. Jesus is the Omnipotent One who has sovereign authority and supernatural power over all creation. He is Lord over nature. He is Lord over demons. He is Lord over sickness. He is Lord over death. He is Lord of all.

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SOURCE: HBCharlesJr.com