Florida Pastor Who Was Shot During Road Rage Incident Says ‘Angels Took the Bullets for Me’

Pastor Steven Simon
Pastor Steven Simon

Pastor Steven Simon is breaking his silence for the first time since he was shot in a road rage incident in Martin County.

Saturday, a fundraiser was held for him at the St. John Haitian United Methodist Church in Boynton Beach.

Organizers set a goal of raising at least $5,000 for medical bills and any other future treatments.

Hundreds of people showed up to give their support during a 4-hour church service.

Donations collected during the offering will go to Simon.

Simon spoke to everyone during the service, detailing how serious his injuries were and how thankful he was to be there.

“I can say that there were angels that took the bullets for me,” Simon said. He preached with a bandage on his forehead covering his wounds.

“You can literally see where the bullet had stopped. It was almost like God said ‘ you can’t go any further than this,” Simon described.

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Meghan McRoberts