Eric Metaxas Says Christians Should Be Joyful, Not Pursue Happiness

Eric Metaxas
Eric Metaxas

Best-selling author and intellectual Eric Metaxas believes that happiness is not an emotional state Christians should pursue.

“I want to be the skunk of the garden party and say that I think the whole idea of happiness is stupid,” Metaxas asserted at the American Enterprise Institute’s Evangelical Leadership Summit on Wednesday.

“Really, what it means is luck. So, ‘how you doing?’ ‘I’m happy.’ Things are going my way, is really what that means,” Metaxas explained.

“We all know that’s very shallow concept. To me, chasing happiness it’s a fool’s errand. The idea that we can chase happiness, it’s like living your life for vacation or retirement. When you get there, it’s like the dog that catches the car. What do you do when you catch it?”

When asked by The Chirstian Post what Christians should be if not happy, Metaxas responded that they should be “joyful,” which he considers a more permanent state.

“In Scripture, we’re commanded to rejoice in the Lord always, and you think: how can God command something unless it’s possible?” Metaxas asserted.

“To rejoice in the Lord in the midst of any circumstance is something that is not only possible, but it’s precisely what we were made to do,” he said.

“There’s something about the idea of happiness that’s really a temporary idea. How can I be happy? Well, in a way it’s like saying how can I be lucky or how can I be fortunate,” Metaxas added. “That kind of thing goes away and I think that we have to develop inner resources. So it’s really about joy and about building character.”

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
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