WATCH: Son of Hamas Founder Says Peace Between Hamas and Israel Will Never Be Possible; President Obama Needs to Stand by Israel

Mosab Hassan Yousef

After a failed cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza, the son of the Hamas founder spoke out on The Kelly File.

Mosab Hassan Yousef said that lasting peace between Hamas and Israel will never be possible. He warned that the only way to defeat the terrorist organization is by unmasking their ideology, and added that Hamas wants the children of Gaza to die for their cause.

His father, Sheikh Hassan Yousef, was arrested earlier this summer in connection with the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers.

Yousef told Megyn Kelly that he was raised to believe that Israel was the enemy, not knowing that his father and his organization were only a tool in the hands of regional powers.

“At some point I got tired of this game and chose a different path for my life,” he said.

Yousef said President Obama needs to stand by Israel.

“Democracies don’t negotiate with terrorists,” he said. “Hamas is the enemy of the United States of America. Hamas is the enemy of the free world. And what Israel is doing today in the region is fighting on behalf all the free people in this western civilization.”

SOURCE: Fox News Insider