After a Few Mishaps While Out of the Country Recently, William and Kate Decide to Take a ‘Staycation’

Kate, William, and Harry (Pool photo by John Stillwell)
Kate, William, and Harry (Pool photo by John Stillwell)

After Kate was photographed topless in France, the appeal of foreign holidays has faded for the young royal couple. This summer, she and her husband are staying on the Queen’s private Balmoral estate.

You probably won’t have noticed it, but the summer of 2014 has been the best summer for The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge since they got married.

The reason? Well, precisely that they haven’t been noticed. William and Kate have avoided the media for almost an entire month, by going domestic for their vacation this year, and spending the month of August holidaying in the UK.

Thus there have been no annoying stories about Kate sunbathing topless (summer, 2012, France), no punters taking snaps of her on the beach (February, 2013, Mustique) and no nasty foreign paparazzi snooping on her and her son Prince George playing in the garden like they did on one of her days off during the official tour in Australia this year.

When one thinks back on any of the Royal scandals (or invasions of privacy) over the past few years it is noticeable how many of them—Prince Harry in Vegas, Kate Middleton sunbathing topless, Kate photographed on the beach—took place on foreign soil.

Kate and William performed their last official duty in England on August 5, a World War I commemoration, and shortly after that they took off for Scotland. They are believed to have spent much of the past few weeks since then staying at Prince Charles’ Scottish residence, Birkhall, which is on the Queen’s enormous Balmoral estate. But details are as hazy as a mist rolling over the highlands—the sheer size of the estate (not to mention the tribal loyalty of the locals) keeps prying eyes and cameramen at bay.

The Balmoral estate is a wonderful, magical place, make no mistake, but it hardly boasts the kind of indulgent luxury Kate and her family like to enjoy on their annual family holiday to Mustique.

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SOURCE: Tom Sykes
The Daily Beast