Wes Moore to Host PBS Series Exploring Challenges Facing Returning Vets


Author and Afghanistan war veteran Wes Moore will host a PBS series this spring that searches for answers to explain why some veterans get on with their lives after returning from combat and others seemingly cannot.

“For a lot of people, they feel like, once a person comes back home, then everything is now okay; they made it back, so we’re safe now, without understanding that it’s impossible for someone to go into a combat zone and see the things that we have seen and do the things that we have done and expect that person to come back unchanged. It’s literally impossible,” says Moore.

The three part series, “Coming Back with Wes Moore,” doubles as a personal journey for the host. Below, the Army Captain and paratrooper says he had troubles with his own reintegration after returning from active duty.

Clicking here to listen to Wes Moore discussing his upcoming show.