Sculpture of “Homeless Jesus” in N. Carolina is Getting a Lot of Attention

Outside St. Alban’s Episcopal Church in Davidson, North Carolina rests a sculpture, so realistic that from not too far a distance, it appears to be an actual, living homeless man sleeping on a bench. It’s a piece by sculptor Timothy P. Schmalz entitled, “Homeless Jesus.” As WCNC NBC Charlotte reports, it’s getting quite a bit of attention.

Reverend Dr. David E. Buck sitting next to “Homeless Jesus” (WCNC)

On his website, Schmalz describes “Homeless Jesus” as a, “representation that suggests Christ is with the most marginalized in our society.” The art, which costs as much as $2,975 depending on the size one might want, shows Jesus wrapped in a heavy blanket with very little of his face showing, but his wounded feet clearly on display. Schmalz talks about the piece on his YouTube account.

Reverend Doctor David E. Buck, St. Alban’s rector told WCNC that it’s “beautiful” and that it help reminds believers that their, “ultimate calling is as Christians, as people of faith, [is] to do what we can individually and systematically to eliminate homelessness.” The piece also seems to have some notable fans. In a CTV report, Schmalz says “Homeless Jesus” was blessed by Pope Francis and displayed in Vatican City.

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