Survey Examines How African-Americans Are Using the Latest Cutting Edge Technology, But the Digital Divide Continues


The use of technology by African Americans has steadily changed over past few years in the United States (U.S). In a recent survey published Monday by the Pew Internet and American Life Project (PIALP) offered a snapshot on how the demographic group is using the latest cutting edge technology.

In the era of smartphones and social networking, the demographic group-African Americans-exhibits a high participation on microblogging website Twitter along with a substantial use of mobile phones.

“Overall, 73% of African American internet users—and 96% of those ages 18-29—use a social networking site of some kind. African Americans have exhibited relatively high levels of Twitter use since we began tracking the service as a stand-alone platform, and this continues to be the case—22% of online blacks are Twitter users, compared with 16% of online whites,” according to Pew.

The digital divide continues to be an ongoing problem and how to implement the ideal infrastructure or strategies for easier access for the different demographic groups is a work in progress.

The disparity is nonexistent between blacks and whites since they equally own any particular brand of a cell phone and the ownership of a touchscreen phone are identical percentages, according to the survey.

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SOURCE: Examiner