Study Shows People Often Remember Educated Black Males as Having Lighter Skin

Educated Black Males

A new study about skin bias shows that people remember intelligent Black males as having had lighter skin.

In the study from professors at San Francisco University, participants were subliminally shown one of two words: “educated” or ‘ignorant.” They then saw photos of Black male faces, along with seven succeeding photos of the same faces with different skin tones from lighter to darker.

Afterwards, participants had to point out the original picture they saw. Those who were primed with the word “educated” had more memory lapses and often chose the lighter-skinned faces instead.

“Black individuals who defy social stereotypes might not challenge social norms sufficiently but rather may be remembered as lighter, perpetuating status quo beliefs,” the study said.

It also noted the storied history of discrimination against darker-skinned Blacks:

Phenotypic features associated with the social categorization of racial groups have been strongly linked to stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination. Notably, individuals perceived to possess higher levels of Afrocentric features (e.g., dark skin, full lips, wide nose, coarse hair) have been subject to increased negative stereotyping (e.g., alleging heightened levels of aggression, leading to real-world repercussions, such as receiving longer prison sentences for crimes equated for severity and priors.

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SOURCE: News One