Jay Carney Says President Obama Is Committed to Pushing Religious Freedom

Obama Religious Freedom

President Barack Obama says his administration is committed to promoting religious freedom across the globe.

CBN News correspondent Jennifer Wishon asked White House press secretary Jay Carney to give some examples of how the administration is promoting religious freedom and assuring Americans it’s doing everything it can to help persecuted Christians in Iran.

“Well absolutely we are appealing to the Iranian government when it comes to those who are being held, and we have, and I have raised it frequently from this podium, and we continue to do that,” Carney responded. “Broadly, we aggressively support religious freedom around the world and make clear our opposition to policies and countries that restrict religious freedom, and that’s a broad, comprehensive effort.”

Despite America’s new nuclear deal with Iran, Carney says the administration’s position toward Iran’s human rights atrocities and ties to terrorism remain the same.

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Jennifer Wishon