How to Decide If a Public, Private, or Homeschooling System Is Best for Your Child?

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We know it’s a biggie… the decision about which method your child will receive his or her education is of monumental importance. Even seasoned parents can find themselves gnawing their fingernails in a back-and-forth state of turmoil over what could be the best decision, or the worst. There are pros and cons to every schooling method – if there weren’t, it would be an easy, cut-and-dried matter. The best thing for a nail-biter to do is take a breath, back up a step, and calmly evaluate each system before making an informed and positive decision that is best for your child and your family.

A History Lesson – The Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria

There are lessons to be learned through studying the past – our own history is simply one of the greatest teaching tools for success in the future. On August 23, 1542, a fleet of three ships set out from the shores of Spain and toward the banks of the Americas, carrying Christopher Columbus, a man instrumental in the discovery of our own great country.

These three ships had varying characteristics – as well as certain strengths and weaknesses. The Nina and the Pinta were both smaller, sleeker ships, called caravels. The Santa Maria was a larger, round-hulled ship, called a “nao”. All three ships were well-armed, but the Santa Maria was much heavier, and eventually ran aground and was destroyed completely on December 25, 1492. The Pinta was light and fast, but broke a rudder early on, and even became totally lost in a strong headwind (although it did end up making its way back to the Nina). The Nina held true, and eventually came to deliver Columbus back to Spain and into the history books after his ultimate successful discovery of “India”.

So what is the correlation between these three boats and the choice of a public, private, or homeschooling system? We all want our children delivered safely and successfully back to our homeland in the end. Hmmm.

Public System


  • Convenience. Generally close to home, bus picks up and drops off on a set schedule.
  • No additional cost. Although you pay school taxes, there is no extra fee for public school.
  • Integration with peers. Kids are exposed to all different personality types – as in real life – and must learn to integrate with others and problem solve. Jungle survival.
  • Exposure to sports/activities. A wide variety of extra-curricular activities and sports opportunities abound, although competition can be tough.


  • Class size. Large class size usually means that the brighter kids lose out, and those with learning issues can be lost in the mix.
  • Rigid instruction. Public school teachers don’t have the resources or ability to customize a lesson plan based on a student’s learning style. It’s learn or lose – and many kids end up losing.
  • Peer pressure. If it’s a negative behavior, your kids are sure to be exposed to it in some manner in public school. Bullying is also an issue for many.

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SOURCE: Crosswalk
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