Compassion 2 One Launches “Protect Her” Campaign to Keep Men from Engaging in Child Sex Trafficking

(Photo: Facebook/Compassion 2 One)
(Photo: Facebook/Compassion 2 One)

The increase in human trafficking among American children has prompted a faith-based rescue organization to partner with local and national churches for a campaign aimed at men in an effort to dissuade them from partaking in the sex slavery industry.

Seattle-based Compassion 2 One is behind the “Protect Her” effort that will launch this fall and hopes to reverse the desensitization of pimps who view minors as commodities.

“How do we stop human trafficking in the modern world? The response that we came up with was demand reduction,” said Phil Martin, national director of Compassion 2 One. “You have to stop men from buying commercial sex and from entertaining the sex industry…it’s the law of supply and demand.”

According to statistics, nearly 300,000 children are trafficked within the United States each year between the ages of 11 and 16 years old, sometimes even younger. In King County alone, where Compassion 2 One is located, trafficking is considered among the highest in the nation with 300 to 500 girls involved in some form of slavery.

Martin says Washington state is currently leading the legislative charge against trafficking in the U.S., however, his organization is taking matters into their own hands since not enough is being done to crack down on the issue, he says.

“Our message through the campaign is to prevent the problem before it starts…the larger agenda is a call to raise healthier families, have better marriages and establish the right priorities so that men and women don’t end up in these situations,” said Martin.

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