A Church, a Bar, and Stephen Baldwin: Will this “Christian Sitcom” Make it to the Small Screen?

Image source: Kickstarter
Image source: Kickstarter

What do a bar, a church and actor Stephen Baldwin have in common? Nothing…yet.

But if some enthusiastic entertainment producers have their way, all three will be fixtures in “Rock and a Hard Place,” a proposed television show that could end up gracing the small screen.

Creator Darren Marlar told TheBlaze that the concept for the sitcom — a pastor who inherits a bar across the street from his church — was born three years ago.

“It all started with a dream,” he said.

And Marlar meant that both figuratively and literally. The radio personality and comic recalled once having a quirky dream about a preacher who inherited a pub. While he said he doesn’t remember much else about what his subconscious drummed up, the general idea of a man of the cloth running a bar stuck with him.

“The more I started thinking about it, I thought ‘This is really a good idea for an ongoing TV show,’” Marlar explained.

Time passed and nothing came of the idea until the born-again Christian started thinking up concepts with friends last year. It was at that point that Marlar took the bold step of reaching out directly to Baldwin in an effort to gauge his interest in what was at the time merely a long-shot.

The actor’s manager found the idea intriguing, which inevitably led to an uncommon plan, especially for a Hollywood project: Since Marlar didn’t have a big budget to put a pilot together, his team — Baldwin included — decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign in an effort to raise the necessary funds.

The goal for the campaign was $50,000 during the first fundraising wave. That benchmark was superseded on Thursday when the effort concluded with more than $65,000; the lump sum was donated by hundreds of individual donors who fully embraced the television concept.

Now, Marlar and his team are mapping out their next steps.

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