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Pastor and Author Efrem Smith: “We Cannot Surrender the Outposts of God’s Kingdom To the Ways of Our Nation. Christians Are Here To Transform.”

Over the past several years, cultural divisions of race, class, politics and faith have become starker than any time in recent memory. While it would be easy to only think of American politics here, it is a worldwide phenomenon, one that requires a quiet, global response of love and reconciliation

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Efrem Smith Asks Christian Leaders to Rethink Evangelism at Exponential West Conference

Efrem Smith, preacher, author and urban ministry advocate, delivered a challenging, uncomfortable and anointed message about evangelism, according to some of the thousands who attended or tuned in via a live webcast to the Exponential West Conference at Saddleback Church on Tuesday. (more…)

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President and CEO of World Impact, Efrem Smith, Shares his Thoughts on Church Planting Among the Urban Poor

Today's Thursday is for Thinkers blog is written by Efrem Smith. Currently, Ephrem serves as the President and CEO of World Impact, a urban missions organization committed to the empowerment of the urban poor through the facilitation of church planting movements and leadership development. Efrem is also an Itinerant Speaker with Kingdom

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