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Pew: Majority of States Have All-Christian Representation in U.S. Congress

As has been the case in prior Congresses, the 115th Congress is more Christian than the U.S. population as a whole. The vast majority of the nation’s federal lawmakers (91%) describe themselves as Christians, compared with 71% of U.S. adults who say the same, according to a recent Pew Research

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Why 9 Republican Congressmen Rejected a Successful Measure to Honor Maya Angelou With a Post Office Named After her

Naming post office buildings is a job that sometimes falls to the US Congress, and the often stalled body is surprisingly efficient at doing so. But yesterday (Mar. 1) was a surprising exception to their frequently unanimous vote: Nine congressmen, all Republican, voted against naming a new post office building

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The U.S. continued to spy on select leaders of allied nations, a new report cites. | Getty

Obama Administration Spying Seized Communication Between U.S. Congresspeople and Israeli Government

U.S. spying programs scooped up communications between members of Congress and Israeli leaders, giving the White House insight into Israel’s lobbying of U.S. lawmakers against the Iran nuclear deal, current and former U.S. officials told The Wall Street Journal. (more…)

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Benjamin Netanyahu to Come to the White House for the First Time Since Highly Controversial Speech to U.S. Congress

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu makes his first trip back to Washington after a high-profile - and unsuccessful - bid to scupper the Iran deal. What should we expect? Before we get to what is really going on, let me just give you the official line from the White House on

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