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Are You Hiding Behind a Smiling Emoji?

I love using emojis in my text messages. Most of us do these days. They serve as a quick way to respond, with or without any accompanying words. Maybe the added whimsy, humor or emotion is what helps us feel a little more connected to the person on the other

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Dr. Michael Brown: Did a Texting Driver Kill 13 Christian Seniors?

The news of the crash was horrifying enough. Thirteen Christian seniors, most in their 80's, were returning from a three-day retreat when their church bus crashed into a pickup truck. The bus driver, along with 12 of the passengers, died in the crash. The pickup truck driver survived. (more…)

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Why Pastors Shouldn’t Text Their Church Members

A great deal has changed in the way communication is done since I began serving in local churches. With the advent of texting, email, social media and the Web, our modes of communication have become a hallmark of effectiveness for us, sometimes leading pastors and church leaders to believe using

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It May Not Be Hoverboards and Self-tying Shoes, But in Some Ways, the Reality of 2015 May be More Exciting Than in “Back to the Future”

When Marty McFly and "Doc" Brown burst into 2015 in a time machine, straight from the year 1985, they encounter a brave new world of garbage-fuelled flying cars, self-tying shoes and robot waiters. (more…)

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More than half of the middle- and high-schoolers in a Detroit-area study admitted to cyberstalking and cyberbullying. (Photo: Detroit Free Press)

Half of Detroit-area School Students Admit to Using Social Media to Bully, Abuse, and Stalk Others

Armed with cell phones and a dizzying array of social media choices, half of this area's middle- and high-schoolers in a recent study admitted to social media abuse — from bullying schoolmates to spreading rumors to pressuring others to send sexual texts or pictures. (more…)

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