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Here We Go: Florida Teacher Forces Christian Students to Remove Cross Necklaces, Promotes Homosexual Day of Silence

Liberty Counsel sent a demand letter to the Hillsborough County Public Schools regarding a teacher who has prohibited Christian jewelry, is engaging in outrageous LGBT political activism in her classroom, and punishes students who do not agree with her LGBT propaganda. (more…)

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WATCH: Connecticut History Teacher, Jahana Hayes, Honored at the White House with ‘National Teacher of the Year’ Award

President Barack Obama on Tuesday bestowed the National Teacher of the Year honor on a Connecticut woman who has demonstrated through her own life that students can overcome almost any obstacle.  (more…)

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WATCH: Texas High School Student Says Teacher Forced 7th Graders to Deny God Is Real, or Take a Failing Grade

A Texas seventh-grader is standing up for her religious beliefs after she alleges her teacher forced students to deny that God is real, and threatened them with failing grades if they don’t agree. (more…)

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In this 2003 photo, Rafe Esquith, a 5th grade teacher at Hobart Elementary School, leads an innovative afterschool group in his classroom. ( Jonathan Alcorn/for The Washington Post)

World-Famous Teacher, Rafe Esquith, Sues LA School District for $1 Billion After Being Fired for ‘Inappropriate Emails and Photos’

Rafe Esquith, a world-famous elementary school teacher and best-selling author, just filed a $1 billion (that’s billion) class-action lawsuit against the Los Angeles Unified School District, which removed him from his class earlier this year and has now reportedly fired him. (more…)

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LISTEN: Respect for Authority (The Man in the Mirror #12 with Daniel Whyte III)

https://www.buzzsprout.com/26357/247039-respect-for-authority-the-man-in-the-mirror-12.mp3 Today, I want to continue talking with you about the matter of Respect -- particularly respect for authority figures in your life. Last week, we talked about how we ought to have a respect or “fear” of God. This respect of God will help us do right, and it will

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