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Here We Go: Salvation Army Substance Abuse Center in NY Sued for Gender Identity Discrimination

A few years ago, who could believe that the U.S. House would actually be debating taxpayer-funded sex changes? Even more disturbing, who could imagine that 23 Republicans would actually support the idea? Unfortunately, these are the realities of a post-Obama world, where conservatives are desperately fighting to rebuild America from the rubble

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Adrienne, Israel Houghton Brought Early Christmas To Los Angeles For Their Besos Care Package Charity

Adrienne Houghton and her husband, Israel Houghton, brought Christmas to Los Angeles early with a benefit concert for their Besos Care Package charity along with the Salvation Army Monday. (more…)

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At the Beginning of Pentecostalism, It Was Common to See Women Preaching, Pastoring, and Leading

In 1916 Maria B. Woodworth-Etter declared, "God is calling the Marys and the Marthas today all over our land to work in various places in the vineyard of the Lord; God grant that they may respond and say, 'Lord, here am I. Send me.' … My dear sister in Christ,

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Woman Arrested After Dumping Newborn in Walmart Trash Can

The woman who gave birth to a baby girl inside a Walmart store in New Roads on Friday and is accused of leaving her in a bathroom trash can had been collecting money for the Salvation Army outside the store, Pointe Coupee Sheriff Bud Torres said. (more…)

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Olympic flag and Russian flag flying in Sochi (Credit: UPI)

What Christian Ministries, Evangelists, and Journalists are Doing to Share Christ in Sochi During the Olympics

The 2014 Winter Olympics, officially known as the XXII Olympic Winter Games, a major international multi-sport event being held in Sochi, Russia in the tradition of the Winter Olympic Games, is now in full flow with many exciting events. (more…)

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