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Southern Baptist Leaders Respond to Black Minister Lawrence Ware’s Op-ed In ‘The New York Times’ Detailing his Decision To Leave the Denomination Over ‘Alt-Right’ Denouncement Controversy

A black academic from Oklahoma is renouncing his Southern Baptist ordination because of the massive support for Donald Trump within the denomination, and alleges the SBC is "complicit" in the rise of the alt-right. Yet noted SBC leaders believe he is furthering a misleading narrative that does not reflect the

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Oklahoma State University Diversity Coordinator Lawrence Ware Writes Op-Ed In ‘New York Times’ on Why He Is Leaving the Southern Baptist Convention

The first time I was called a nigger to my face was by a fellow camper at a Southern Baptist Convention retreat near Oklahoma City. I was 13, and it was 1995. Devastated, I complained to a counselor who suggested I pray for the ability to turn the other cheek.

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