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Rob Bell says, ‘I’m as Traditional as It Gets…Billy Graham Shaped Me’ – But If Billy Graham Shaped him, Bell Would Believe There Is a Hell for People Who Don’t Trust Christ as Savior, Like Billy Graham Preached

Controversial author and spiritual teacher Rob Bell insisted that he is "as traditional as it gets" despite evangelicals finding fault in his views on Hell, and said that famous evangelist Billy Graham helped shape his beliefs. (more…)

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Kent Dobson, Successor of Controversial Former Pastor Rob Bell, Steps Down from Position at Mars Hill; Says ‘Being a Pastor Is Not Who I Am….I Am Drawn to the Edges’

The teaching pastor who took over for controversial author and Pastor Rob Bell at Mars Hill Bible Church in Grandville, Michigan, announced Sunday that he will soon be leaving the church and explained that "being a pastor is not really who I am." (more…)

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WATCH: Rob Bell Tells Oprah a Lie that the Church Is Moments Away from Accepting Homosexual Marriage; He Knows Full Well that the True Church of Jesus Christ Would Never Accept Homosexual Marriage or Any Other Sin that Jesus Christ Died For

Rob Bell and his wife, Kristen, talked about marriage during a Valentine's weekend episode of Oprah Winfrey's "Super Soul Sunday" television show. (more…)

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