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WATCH: California Gov. Jerry Brown Calls Illegal Immigrants ‘Children of God,’ Suggests Border Wall Is Not Christian

California Gov. Jerry Brown appealed to the touted Christian values of President Donald Trump and his evangelical supporters Sunday when he called undocumented immigrants "children of God" and suggested the construction of an estimated $20 billion wall along America's Southern border is not Christian. (more…)

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Evacuations Ordered Below Damaged California Dam

Residents below the tallest dam in the United States, near Oroville in Northern California, were urgently ordered to evacuate on Sunday after a spillway appeared for a time to be in danger of imminent collapse. (more…)

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Religious Liberty Law Expert Explains California’s Controversial New Bill That Some Say Threatens Christian Colleges’ Religious Freedom

Later this year, California governor Jerry Brown may sign legislation with numerous harmful repercussions for the Golden State’s Christian colleges. The state is currently moving closer to adopting a bill that would subject religious higher-education institutions to regulations forbidding them to act on their religious tenets if their students receive

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