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Dr. Michael Brown Calls Out Vimeo for Allowing Jihadists and Porn Videos But Shutting Down Ex-Gay Christian Testimonies

If Jesus has changed your life and set you free from homosexual practice, your testimony is not welcome on Vimeo — not now, not ever. And if you see homosexuality as another aspect of sexual brokenness, something for which Jesus died and something from which you can be healed, your opinion

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Michael Brown: Sorry, But We Won’t Rewrite the Bible for Homosexuals and Lesbians

In response to my open letter to Isaac Archuleta, who describes himself as a bisexual Christian, Richard S. posted a lengthy comment on my personal Facebook page, including this statement: "The logical conclusion to your theology (gays can change and if they don't it must be because they don't have faith

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How Homosexual Marriage Threatens Christian Schools

Last fall, the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) discussed whether Gordon College’s traditional inclusion of “homosexual practice” as a forbidden activity in its Statement on Life and Conduct was contrary to the Commission’s standards for accreditation. The college responded by addressing some of the concerns about the

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