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Google PhotoScan Turns Your Old Prints Into Digital Photos

The team behind Google Photos has released a new app for turning your old prints into digital photos, letting you save them to the cloud with a single tap. PhotoScan, which is being made available today on iOS and Android, lets you quickly scan a large number of photos using

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Google Releases Video-Calling App, Duo

Google and Apple have battled each other for years for primacy over mobile users. Apple has proferred its superior devices, like the iPhone. Google has fought back with its Android operating system and a series of mobile apps that are more flexible and compatible with a broader set of devices

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Google Buys Media Editing Startup Fly Labs

Google has acquired Fly Labs in a move that will likely see the startup’s media editing technology be integrated into the Google Photos app. Fly Labs announced the move on its website, saying that it’ll be “pouring the same passion into Google Photos that we poured into [its apps] Clips,

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