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NVIDIA, Mercedes-Benz Announce Plans to Make AI-Powered Car

As a company, NVIDIA might be best known in the graphics card and gaming market, but its latest project and partnership with Mercedes-Benz is a notable departure. (more…)

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Elon Musk, Other Tech Executives Invest $1 Billion in Non-profit Artificial Intelligence Startup

Tesla Motors Inc Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk and other prominent tech executives are pouring $1 billion into a non-profit aimed at creating artificial intelligence that augments humans' capabilities, rather than making them obsolete. (more…)

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Microsoft Wants to Give Computers the Ability to Guess How You’re Feeling

Some people can tell how others are feeling just by looking at them; now Microsoft is trying to give computers that same ability. The company launched a new website today (Nov. 11) that uses facial recognition and artificial intelligence to try to determine the emotions of people in photos, and

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