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People Are Getting Exorcisms Instead of Going to the Doctor

When serious medical conditions are misdiagnosed as demonic possession, it can lead to some pretty disastrous consequences—even death. (more…)

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Following Third Straight Loss In NBA Finals, LeBron James Admits he’s ‘Drained,’ Both Mentally and Physically

After the Cleveland Cavaliers lost to the Golden State Warriors for the third game in a row Wednesday night, LeBron James finally admitted what we already knew. The man is absolutely exhausted, which was something Draymond Green noticed even before the fourth quarter of Game 3. (more…)

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British Explorer Henry Worsley Dies While Trying to Cross Antarctic Alone

The British explorer Henry Worsley, who was trying to be the first person to cross the Antarctic alone and without support, died on Sunday, just 30 miles short of completing his 1,000-mile trek. He was 55. (more…)

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