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Hot Mic Audio Shows Israeli PM Netanyahu Criticizing EU for Undermining Relations, Admits Strikes Weapons Shipments to Hezbollah in Syria

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was caught Wednesday by a live microphone railing against the European Union's "crazy" insistence on resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a precondition for closer ties. (more…)

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Benjamin Netanyahu. (Photo credit: REUTERS)

On Open Mic, Netanyahu Heard Bashing EU and Obama Administration; Admits to a ‘Dozen Strikes’ Against Iran in Syria

Recordings of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attacking the European Union, bashing former US President Barack Obama and admitting to previous Israeli strikes against Iranian-backed groups in the region were leaked Wednesday to the shock of the public and to the dismay of the premier. (more…)

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Venezuelan Opposition Calls For Strike, US Threatens Action Against Maduro if Referendum is Ignored

Venezuela's opposition called Monday for a 24-hour nationwide strike to pressure President Nicolas Maduro to drop plans to rewrite the constitution while the United States threatened "strong and swift economic actions" against his socialist administration if it ignores the will of voters in a referendum. (more…)

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Three Years Later, Families Remember Those Lost on Downed MH17 Flight

Relatives and friends of people killed three years ago when a surface-to-air missile blew a Malaysia Airlines passenger jet out of the sky over Ukraine gathered Monday to mark the anniversary at a new memorial near the Amsterdam airport from which the plane departed. (more…)

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With May’s Loss and Macron’s Win, the EU is ‘Reborn’, But is that Good for Europe?

A few capital cities acquire political personalities of their own, not always lovable ones. Donald Trump ran against “Washington” as much as he did against Hillary Clinton. For many people in Europe, “Brussels” is a political character—a bureaucrat plotting an ever-closer European union. That caricature has just staged a recovery

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EU, Japan Agree to Free Trade Pact in Signal of Resistance to Trump

Japan and the European Union agreed on Thursday to a free trade pact, creating the world's biggest open economic area and signaling resistance to what they see as U.S. President Donald Trump's protectionist turn. (more…)

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With arrivals of migrants and refugees in Italy up nearly 19 percent over the same period last year, Rome has threatened to close its ports to privately-funded aid boats or insist that funding be cut to EU countries which fail to help (AFP Photo/CARLO HERMANN)

Italy Urges Other European Countries to Let Migrants In As Country Faces ‘Enormous Pressure’ from Displaced People

The French and German interior ministers met with their Italian counterpart Marco Minniti in Paris on Sunday to discuss a "coordinated response" to Italy's migrant crisis, hours after Minniti had called on other European countries to open their ports to rescue ships. (more…)

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UK’s Theresa May Strikes $1.3 Billion Deal for Support From Northern Ireland Party

Prime Minister Theresa May struck a deal on Monday to prop up her minority government by agreeing to at least 1 billion pounds ($1.3 billion) in extra funding for Northern Ireland in return for the support of the province's biggest Protestant party. (more…)

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