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Ten Sins of the 21st-Century and One Remedy to Avoid Them

By Paul’s telling of it, sin is sin. He lumps the obvious together with the less obvious. Rage and sexual dysfunction. Drunkenness and unforgiveness. Lying gets in pretty much every list. None of it is good for the soul. None of it fits through Heaven’s door. (more…)

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LISTEN: Jack Graham Goes Off on Saints and Sinners Who Drink Alcohol

Millions of dollars are spent every year on advertisements by the alcohol industry in soliciting us constantly to invest in alcohol. As a result of their efforts, there are millions of alcoholics in the United States who spend $185 billion each year for alcoholic beverages. Statistics show that there are

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The Church That Drinks Together: Alcohol Itself Is Not Evil; It Is Drunkenness That Scripture Condemns

In our town, refusing to drink alcohol may be a bigger stumbling block than serving it. Troutdale, Oregon, sits between the winery town of Hood River and the unofficial beer capital of the country, Portland, Oregon. It is here we are building a new church. (more…)

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Eternity Bible College Vice-President Preston Sprinkle says: A Moderate, Celebratory, or Reflective Glass of Wine or Beer is Pleasing to the Lord

by Preston Sprinkle "Here are your keys,” muttered the secretary when I arrived to pick up the keys to my office at Aberdeen University, where I would be studying for my doctorate in theology. “It looks like you’re in The Old Brewery.” (more…)

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Canadian navy ship

Canadian Navy Ship Participating in Exercises with U.S. Ordered to Return Home After Allegations of Drunkenness and Sexual Misconduct by Sailors

The recent misconduct by Canadian sailors in San Diego that resulted in the abrupt return of their ship to home port involves allegations of drunkenness and sexual misconduct, say Royal Canadian Navy sources. (more…)

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