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Microsoft to Harness Unused TV Channels to Help Get More of Rural America Online

Silicon Valley has dreamed up hot air balloons, drones and constellations of mini-satellites to connect the world to the internet. Now Microsoft is adding its own moonshot to solve the digital divide into that mix. (more…)

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Andreessens Team Up With H-P to Send Computers to Ferguson, Baltimore Libraries

Public libraries that provided a quiet refuge from civil unrest in Ferguson, Mo., and Baltimore are about to receive a small bounty from Silicon Valley. (more…)

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Hands Up United Empowers Young People in Ferguson to Help Close the Digital Divide

In August 2014 a white officer shot an unarmed black teen in Ferguson, Mo., and the Internet was overrun with news accounts. Many people depended heavily on their phones and social media sites for updates. Vines, tweets, Instagram pictures and videos were shared at a breathtaking pace, giving everyone first-person

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Code Literacy the Next Movement for African Americans

Organizations nationwide made a surge during Computer Science Education week to ensure African American youth are prepared to engage in the emerging need for code literacy. Code literacy in the African American community is no longer a conversation about awareness, it is an active movement. It’s not a new movement

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(Credit: New Pittsburg Courier)

Pew Forum Delivers Report on “African Americans and Technology Use”

Main Findings This report on African Americans and technology is the first in a series of demographic snapshots of technology use and adoption among different groups of adults in the United States. Based on a survey of 6,010 American adults, including 664 who identify as African American, it offers a detailed

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African American Parents Less Likely to Share Health Information Via Mobile, Internet Technology

Though mobile technology has the potential to bridge the digital divide and reduce health disparities among racial/ethnic groups, a new study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research has found that African American parents are less likely to use mHealth for accessing or communicating health information. (more…)

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