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‘Space Invaders’, ‘Sonic’, ‘Legend of Zelda’ Among 6 Video Games Inducted Into Hall of Fame

A video game that had players zapping space aliens with lasers and another that put them in covered wagons in 1848 have been inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame, along with four other games recognized for their influence on gaming and pop culture. (more…)

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82 Researchers Say They Have Reconstructed Part of a Rat Brain Digitally

Building on years of research, 82 researchers from institutions around the world reported Thursday that they had built a reconstruction of a section of a rat brain in a computer. (more…)

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Can You Imagine a Digital World Built with a Sensory Connection to Historical Events?

Science fiction authors and philosophers have asked: Could a computer have a soul? I have a different question: Could a computer produce soul (if you dig what I mean)? The computer is an instrument, just like a piano and a human voice. (more…)

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