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2 Black Pastors File Lawsuit Against Coca-Cola Claiming Company Deceives Consumers of Soda Health Risks

Two pastors filed a lawsuit on Thursday against Coca-Cola and the American Beverage Association, claiming the soda manufacturers knowingly deceived customers about health risks through its advertisements.  (more…)

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Workers unload bottles of Coca-Cola from a truck. (Ronaldo Schemidt/AFP/Getty Images)

Pastors William Lamar and Delman Coates Sue Coca-Cola: Say Black Community is ‘Losing More People to Sweets Than the Streets’

William Lamar, the senior pastor at D.C.’s historic Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church, is tired of presiding over funerals for parishioners who died of heart disease, diabetes and stroke. (more…)

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Republican Party’s Social, Fiscal Conservatives Divided Over Religious Freedom and Homosexual Rights

Republican lawmakers upset about the Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage have advanced measures in about a dozen states this year that could strengthen protections for those who refuse on religious grounds to provide services to same-sex couples. (more…)

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T.D. Jakes Receives Image Upgrade for the Dallas Business Community to Highlight MegaFest as Much More Than Religion

T.D. Jakes’ name came up in conversation recently at a small gathering of high-powered Dallas businesswomen. Several had no idea who the guy is. (more…)

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IT Manager at Bangladesh Coca-Cola Unit Arrested on Suspicion of Planning to Fight for ISIS

An IT manager at a subsidiary of Coca-Cola Co was one of two men arrested in Bangladesh on suspicion of planning to fight for Islamic State in Syria, police and company sources said on Monday. (more…)

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What Are the Corporations that Sponsor Al Sharpton’s National Action Network Convention?

Despite questions of the Rev’s financial irregularities and allegations of shakedowns, they support him. (more…)

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