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United Arab Emirates Denies Washington Post Report That It Orchestrated Qatar Hack

The United Arab Emirates has denied a Washington Post report that claims the country orchestrated a hack of Qatari state news and social media websites in May, an incident that triggered the region's worst diplomatic crisis in decades. (more…)

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UK Says Government Will Not Cancel Trump’s Visit to Country Over Temporary Travel Ban

President Donald Trump's order barring U.S. entry to people from seven majority Muslim nations is "divisive, discriminatory and wrong," British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said Monday. But he rebuffed calls for the government to cancel Trump's planned state visit to the U.K. because of the temporary ban. (more…)

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Trump’s Victory Injects Uncertainty in an Already Unstable Middle East

Donald Trump’s victory will further roil the Middle East, a region already consumed by four different civil wars, economic turmoil, Islamic State terror and a turn toward authoritarianism in almost every country. (more…)

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