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Columbia University Settles With Student Cast As a Rapist In Fellow Student’s Mattress Art Project

It was a performance art piece that became famous: A woman who felt that Columbia University had mishandled her charge of rape against a fellow student turned that anger into her senior arts thesis, a yearlong project in which she carried a 50-pound mattress whenever she was on the Morningside Heights campus. (more…)

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Candice Jackson

Trump Education Dept. Official Apologizes After Saying Most Campus Sexual Assault Accusations Come After Breakups and Drunken Sex

On the eve of potentially pivotal meetings Thursday about campus sexual assault with advocates for both victims and the accused, the woman who organized the listening sessions is facing intense scrutiny for saying in an interview that most sexual assault accusations on college campuses come after drunken hookups and bad breakups. (more…)

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Shocked Joe Biden Breaks Down as Pres. Obama Awards him the Medal of Freedom at Surprise Ceremony and he Pays Tribute to his Late Son and Obama

Joe Biden broke down in tears on Thursday as Barack Obama awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom in a surprise farewell ceremony. (more…)

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