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Microsoft to Harness Unused TV Channels to Help Get More of Rural America Online

Silicon Valley has dreamed up hot air balloons, drones and constellations of mini-satellites to connect the world to the internet. Now Microsoft is adding its own moonshot to solve the digital divide into that mix. (more…)

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FCC Approves Net Neutrality Rules 3-2, Setting Stage For Legal Battle

Telecom, cable industries expected to challenge commission’s 3-2 vote The Federal Communications Commission voted Thursday to regulate Internet service like a public utility, expanding the U.S. government’s oversight of a once lightly regulated business at the center of the country’s commercial and social activity. (more…)

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Obama to Challenge Laws that Limit Expansion of High-Speed Internet Access

With a looming showdown over net neutrality bumping up against his internet-heavy State of the Union address, President Barack Obama continued his weeklong dance with telecommunications giants on Wednesday in Iowa, unveiling plans to challenge state laws that limit the expansion of high-speed broadband access. The ambitious plan aims to make small US

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The Rev. Jesse Jackson addresses the Civil Rights Summit in Austin, Tex., in April. (EPA/Ashley Landis)

Jesse Jackson at Odds with Obama on Net Neutrality and Openness of the Internet

You don't often find a two-time presidential candidate and civil rights leader wading into the sticky business of Internet policy. But last week, the Rev. Jesse Jackson visited an obscure federal office building in southwest Washington to discuss the future of the Internet. Meeting with Tom Wheeler — the chairman of the Federal

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Virginia was ranked the top state for fastest Internet speed in the U.S., according Broadview Networks. (Photo: Broadview Networks)

State of the Internet: With Virginia at #1, Southern States Have Fastest Internet Speeds; S. Korea is Fastest Worldwide

The days of slow dial-up speeds are fast behind us, but if you are still impatiently waiting for your videos to stream, moving down south is your best bet. According to a map created by the communications and cloud service Broadview Networks, Virginia has the country's fastest Internet service. (more…)

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