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Actor Shia LaBeouf Asks For Forgiveness After Telling An Officer he’s ‘Going to Hell’ Because he’s Black In Drunken Tirade

Troubled actor Shia LaBeouf is now seeking forgiveness after going on a drunken racist tirade at the Savannah Police Department in Georgia where he told a black officer that he will be "going straight to hell" because of his race. (more…)

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Black Off-Duty St. Louis Policeman Shot by Another Officer While Trying to Help Stop Crime

A “friendly fire” incident in which an off-duty St. Louis policeman was shot while coming to the aid of fellow officers has taken on racial overtones after an incendiary claim by the injured officer’s attorney: The officer was viewed as a threat because he was black. (more…)

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WBTV Sits Down with African-American Charlotte Police Officers

We all watched in September as our city was torn apart. Protesters, mostly African American, were angry with police and, in some moments, especially angry with African American police officers. There were multiple reports of protesters up in faces of the officers, calling them “Uncle Tom.” (more…)

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