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Who is Sir the Baptist?

If you’re trying to figure out who is this new man Brandy has been all lovey dovey with all over the gram, well, wonder no more. We’ve got the tea on B-Rocka’s new bae. (more…)

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Tomb of Jesus in Jerusalem Restored to Its Former Glory After Historic Renovation Work is Completed

The tomb of Jesus has been restored to its former glory. (more…)

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Billboard Reveals Its 2017 Power 100 List

If the music industry is indeed in turnaround, that’s in no small part due to the digital disrupter at No. 1, the live titan at No. 3, Alexa’s mastermind at No. 12 and the visionary label bosses, tech gurus, artist managers and media moguls (including 41 first-timers!) who comprise Billboard’s annual ranking of

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